Pool Program Retail
Pool Program Retail

Mobility At Your Fingertips

Don’t be tethered down by aging hardware and clunky cables. Take your mobile Windows device, and move the sales experience to the customer.

Pool Program Retail

Find Products Fast for Speedy Checkouts and Happier Customers.

Related Products
Find and sell related parts & items easily by assigning relashonships in your inventory.
Substitute Products

Easily add substitute products to a sale, on the fly, when the item your looking for is out of stock.

Favorite Products
Quickly access those products that you sell most using the new inventory favorites.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Go Paperless
Speed up your sales productivity and save on supply cost by utilizing Retails customizable elctronic reciepts.
Reward Points
New loyalty system allows your customers to gain points with every compatible purchase, to later be used for future sales.
Customer Relations
Improve customer retention by storing customer information and targeting those customers with specialized promotions.