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Track your expenses.

Track expenses
Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
Cash Flow
1099 Vendor Tracking
Create Bank Deposit Records/Print Deposit Slips
Create/Pay Vendor Invoices
Maintain Payroll Taxes
Track Sales Tax

Know where your customer stands.

Create Detailed Invoices for Individual Customer Locations
Email Invoices to Customers
Process Individual and Bulk Payments
Set Up Multiple Recurring Charges Per Customer
Process Credit Cards
Securely Store Credit Cards
Send Bulk Email Invoices and Statements
Create Estimates for Customers
Tie Work Orders to Invoices
Customer Management

Retain customer loyalty.

Customer Status At-A-Glance
Manage Multiple Locations (Ideal for Commercial Accounts)
Track multiple Bodies of Water
Track Liner Measurements
Customer Loyalty Programs
Tie Multiple Photos to Customer Locations
Track Equipment per Location
Inventory Management

Streamline your products & services.

Create & Manage Inventory for Multiple Locations
Sync with Pool Corp
Sync with Florida Water Products
Pictures of Inventory Items
Quantity Pricing Discounts
Track Truck Inventories
Manage Items including Non-stock, Service & Labor
Associate Multiple Vendors to Each Item Complete with Cost
Create & Manage On & Off Season Order Points
Allows for Multiple Price Levels per Item
Track Costs for Multiple Suppliers
Complete Inventory Adjustments (gains or losses)

Manage & pay your employees.

Create & Manage Employee Records complete with Tax Withholdings
Track Sick & Vacation Days
Earnings Information at a Glance
Print Individual or All Paychecks
Customize Deductions
Track Commissions

Monitor the health of your business.

Customer Aging
Invoiced vs. Received
Customer Payments
Product Sales
Route Schedule
Individual Route Sheets
Quarterly & Year Sales Comparison
Inventory Valuation
Sales Tax Due
Sales Tax Collected
Service & Repair

Keep control of your tech and their schedules.

Work Order Management
Route Management
Task List
Allow Techs to Update in the Field
Water Testing

Track chemicals, costs and so much more.

Track costs of test
Intergrates with SpinLab
Custom Reading Templates per Pool type
Customize Readings & Ranges
Set Recommended Products
Track Test in the Store or out in the Field
Vendors Management

Maintain vendor relationships.

Detailed Vendor Info
Track Purchase Orders
Sync with Pool Corp
Sync with Florida Water Products
1099s for Payees and Subcontractors