Related items on a surface

Manage your relationships.

Keep track of related and manage any substitutes.

Inventory Features At A Glance

Product Images

Add photos of your inventory items to make product identification quicker and easier


Easily apply commission levels to your inventory items and reward your employees for their sales

Truck management

With out truck inventory system, you can easily add items from your main inventory to your service vehicles, sell items directly from the vehicles, and track the chemical usage by vehicle

Price Levels

Have regular or seasonal sales? Why go through the hassle of manually discounting your inventory? With our multiple price levels, you can quickly select between any prices you set, making sales a snap

Multi-Vendor Products

Our inventory system allows you to set up multiple vendors for any of your inventory items, complete with individual cost profiles for each vendor, helping you get the most from them

Non-Stock Inventory Management

Inventory isn't just for items on hand anymore. With our new inventory system, you can create line items for your service fees, labor costs, non-stock items, and more