Pool Service Software

Wise Software - Enterprise

The platform that powers thousands of pool and spa businesses

Laptop displaying the customer dashboard in Wise Software - Enterprise.

Pool Service Software

Wise Software - Enterprise is a pool service management software for retailers and service professionals. Enterprise lets your team work and collaborate anywhere on any device. Handle your recurring invoicing, routes, work orders, inventory, test readings and integration with Pool360 (Pool Corp) in one system. A truly universal platform with no need for any third party apps to handle your business.

Wise Software - Enterprise running on a laptop, tablets and phones.
Wise Software - Enterprise running on a Windows laptop, Android tablet and an iPhone.

Field Service Management

Wise Software - Enterprise can let your team collaborate and work from wherever on any device they choose. This means that you will never be without access to the information or people necessary for making decisions, increasing productivity, improving efficiencies, saving time and money…

Easy Peasy Automated Billing

Recurring billing is a pain, especially when you have multiple accounts and services. But with Wise Software - Enterprise's help, that headache has been alleviated-- automate your recurring billing so you can rest easy knowing everything will be taken care of!

Laptop displaying billing dashboard in Wise Software - Enterprise.
Wise Software - Enterprise pool service software running on multiple screens.

More Room to Multitask

Wise Software- Enterprise is the ultimate solution for business owners who feel they are unable to keep up with their demanding work load. Wise Software provides multi-window capabilities, so that you can spend less time looking through your invoices, routes, schedules and more time providing excellent customer service!

Card Processing within our pool service software.

Mobile Payments

With the Global Payments integration, you can take payments in a simple and secure manner. With our auto recurring billing features or even taking a payment from your customer’s phone online, it is now more convenient than ever to receive payments.

Chemical Tracking

It's never been easier to identify, track and manage costs for the chemicals you use out in the field utilizing superb inventory management.

Voice Control

Utilize your voice to add readings, search inventory, create an invoice or place an order to Pool360.

Responsive Layout

A beautifully designed platform specifically for iOS, Android & Windows that is the ultimate in convenience.

Customer and route management on an iPhone using Wise Software - Enterprise.

Customer Service Management

There's so much involved when we're talking about taking care of someone else's property--like managing equipment, scheduling out filter cleanings and tracking what chemicals have been used. Wise Software – Enterprise allows you to maintain all of these details, take photos of the hard work accomplished and send the results in a beautiful report to the customer.